Brief List of NVIDIA Competitors

NVIDIA is an American technology company with global presence and a leading AI and computing technology company based in Santa Clara, California. The company is also a global leader in AI technology. In the recent years, NVIDIA has experienced significant growth driven by its heavy focus on innovation.

2022 was the best year in the history of NVIDIA corporation. The net revenue of the company jumped to $26.9 billion in 2021 compared to $16.7 billion in 2020. NVIDIA achieved record revenue and net income in 2021. The company has innovation at the core of its business strategy. It has invested more than $29 billion into research and development since its inception. Its invention of the GPU in 1999 defined modern computer graphics and established NVIDIA as a leader in this area.

The company has divided its business operations into two segments mainly including Graphics segment and compute and networking segments. It has experienced solid growth and market penetration across four segments including: Gaming, Data Center, Professional Visualization, and Automotive.

NVIDIA is operating in an intensely competitive market environment that is marked by rapid technological change and evolving industry standards.

Most of the competition comes from companies offering GPUs, embedded SoCs, and other accelerated, AI computing processor products, and providers of semiconductor-based high-performance interconnect products based on InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and proprietary technologies.

Here is a list of the main competitors of NVIDIA globally.

  1. AMD
  2. Intel
  3. Alphabet
  4. Alibaba Group
  5. Amazon
  6. Ambarella
  7. Broadcom Inc
  8. Qualcomm Inc
  9. Ranesas Electronics Corporation
  10. Samsung
  11. Tesla Motors
  12. Applied Optoelectronics
  13. Arista Networks
  14. CISCO
  15. HP
  16. Intel
  17. Juniper Networks
  18. Lumentum Holdings
  19. Marvell Technology Group
suppliers and licensors designing discrete and integrated GPUs, custom chips and other accelerated computing solutionsAMD (Advanced Micro Devices)Intel corporation
large internet services companies with internal teams designing chips that incorporate accelerated computing functionality as part of their internal solutions or platformsAlibaba group Alphabet Amazon
suppliers of SoC products that are embedded into automobiles, autonomous machines, and gaming devices or companies with internal teams designing SoC products for internal useAmbarella, Inc.,
Broadcom Inc.,
Qualcomm Incorporated,
Renesas Electronics Corporation,
and Samsung Tesla Motors
suppliers of interconnect, switch and cable solutionsAMD,
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.,
Arista Networks,
Juniper Networks, Inc.,
Lumentum Holdings, and Marvell Technology Group